Friday Night Socials

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For Adolescents and Young Adults

Our Friday Night Socials provide opportunities for our participants to have a night out with friends within a welcoming atmosphere and where they can meet new people. These events are designed for adolescents 13+ and young adults who require some support or facilitation of social situations. Participants have the opportunity to get to know others in relaxed settings that promote conversation and social interaction. Social Nights provide an opportunity for members to practice social pragmatics, communication, group skills and community awareness learned in our PEERS programs.

Date & Times of Events: Fridays 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Purpose of the Social Events: Social & Leisure

Participants: Adolescents & Young Adults, 13 years +

Drop Off: At Brighton School (240 The Donway W, North York) @ 6:30 pm

Pick Up: At Brighton School (240 The Donway W, North York) @ 9:30 pm

Staff: Brighton staff will be supervising the program with a 10:1 participant to staff ratio for a “regular” ticket, 3:1 for a “3:1” ticket and “1:1” for a 1:1 ticket (advance request is require for 1:1 due to staffing requirements)

Please call the administrator (Gwen) to discuss if you think that your son/daughter may require additional support. 416-932-8273 ext. 200

Administrative Contact Person & contact number during FNS or Dinner Club: 416-788-3564